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scamFRAUDalert ALERTS are NOT intended to destroy legitimate businesses. Our ALERTS are to SOUND the ALARM.

To business owners, if an ALERT is posted on our sites and you have addressed consumer’s concerns, please contact us. We will gladly remove the ALERT. This does NOT apply to websites whose sole purpose is deception.

scamFRAUDalert Digest is part of the families of websites we run as consumer watchdog and advocate. We hope your visit here would be fruitful and rewarding. We also like to take this opportunity to tell you

 Who We Are

Founded in 2005,  scamFRAUDalert sites are one of the pioneer in the fight against online safety, e-commerce transparency, and cyber-crime awareness. We are a community online consumer news sites blog; we operate a forum – a discussion board covering varied topics such as Internet Security, Financial Fraud, Job Scams, Consumer Issues and Alleged Internet Scams. See Our Work @ scam.com- Do A Member Search of “Scrub
We are advocates for consumers, businesses, job seekers and seek transparency online.
Read about our efforts communicating with Careerbuilder.com to enhance their internal controls so as to protect job seekers. We are not a “Johnnie Come Lately” consumer news organization.

 What We Are About

We are about internet safety. We realize that the WORLD is not perfect and there is never going to be the perfect internet. We at SFA are not wishing that your time online be a utopia experience. All we are seeking is that your time on line be safe, free of scammers and that you surf the internet with care, caution and knowledge.

We do not exist to destroy businesses or entrepreneurs. We value accountability, transparency and good business practices. Such good practices are the fabric of a sound business.

Our Mission

  • Be the voice for the voiceless
  • Identify Deceptive Practices Online (scam & Fraud)
  • Help safeguard the internet

Occasionally we do error in our findings and if you do find one, please do not hesitate to let us know.

To better appreciate forum and blogs, we encourage you to spend some time studying or looking at the patterns and footprints. They do tell a story.

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68 replies

  1. Popularity beset Competition and Challenges
    Popularity brings admirers and haters.

    As scamFRAUDalert.com< became popular, so did our admirers and haters. Our main forum was and is under constant DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. We’ve seen a series of “Frivolous Lawsuits” and now the Confiscation of our DataBase.
    Those who seek to have scamFRAUDalert.com offline are now beginning to unmask themselves by filing these lawsuits.

    The core of these frivolous lawsuits are defamation, libel, slander, and interference with business

    scamFRAUDalert.com have played a vital role in internet security and we intend on doing so indefinitely.

    Let it be known that scamFRAUDalert.com is here to stay

    • Thank you for the alert. I am a retired Certified Fraud Examiner and a current member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) located in Austin, TX.
      I was certified in 1989 and one of the first 1000 members of ACFE. We now have over 60,000 ( about 30,000 certified) members worldwide and incresingly be

        tapped by goverment agencies for fraud training

      Thanks again for your help and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Four years ago when scamFRAUDalert.com started posting comments on Scam.com about money mules and online scams, no one else were committed to such cause. Most people were too afraid, intimated or just plain SCARE that they would be HARM or DESTROY BY THESE GROUPS.. The mighty well financed and well organized scam groups seem to have changed course and now attacking scam fighting watch groups such as scamFRAUDalert.com, Scam.com , Ripoffreport.com and castlecop.com. These guys partly control or have ties to those who CONTROL THE INFRASTRUCTURE that RUNS the internet.

    ScamFraudAlert.com started out with one basis purpose and that purpose remains our driving FORCE. We intend to PUT a FACE on those who sit behind computers with the SOLE PURPOSE TO COMMIT CRIMES.


    Let me clarify the statement above since it might sound like an indictment of the profession – computer engineers. Remember the internet bubble. Well it burst and the result was economic catastrophe. Not too long ago we had Enron whose goal was the commercialization of electricity.

    Seems like a noble and very capitalist idea but what went wrong. “GREED” and the lack of oversight and regulation. Who’s paying the “PRICE for others “GREED?” Us as a nation.

    Look no further, the housing crises or sub prime lending. Sub prime lending has always been a part of the housing industry as long as I can remember. These sub prime loans have always been backed by FHA or HUD. A US government run program. The program is gear to help first time home owners or family move into their first home. A program that have worked well over the years.

    It is vital for us as a nation to continue subsidizing sub prime lending since it enables low income earners to own a home knowing that these homes will eventually go back on the market for sale. Now comes Wall Street with securitization of sub prime loans another NOBLE AND GOOD idea.

    We at scamFRAUDalert.com are for securitization. It is the funnel for economic growth and prosperity. However within the securitization of the sub prime-lending debacle, there were bad actors. Those bad actors have given us this messed we as a nation in this GLOBAL ECONOMY are now facing.

    The same holds true for the computer industry, particularly the internet. There are bad actorsi.e. these miscreants believe that orchestrating a crime or not adhering to good business practices is the norm for conducting business online. We at scamFRAUDalert.com respectfully disagree.

    We believe the internet should be free from bad business practices and CRIME. This is what our FIGHT is all about.

  3. Thank you for this website. Neweca Payments got my e-mail address from a resume I posted. I did not fond anything at the BBB. I always check out a company before I reply.

  4. On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 9:16 AM, WordPress.com wrote:
    A new comment on the post #6028 “Best part time job offer ever – Tong Park Recruitment” is waiting for your approval

    Author : Bruce
    E-mail : brucexgssf@hotmail.com
    URL : http://CareerBuilders
    Whois :
    Thank God for people like you. These scams can seem so real and alluring to most people. I myself was almost scammed about a month ago. To the point where I was actually in line at my bank. Thank God for the manager there, she told me all about the scams like this one. I just hope most people will start to research things out before getting invloved with these “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is” scams.

    Approve it: http://scamfraudalert.wordpress.com/

  5. SERENA Comment:
    I want to personally thank this forum for posting your comments regarding this company. This morning 10/21/09 I received a call from a TONI MIKKELSON representing Your Grant Assistant located at 10625 North Military Trail suite 204, Palm Beach , Florida 33410, offering to provide me with an access code for 2.95 to obtain grant information. Because of ALL the SCAMS out here, I asked to put her on hold and GOOGLED the address she gave and came across this post. I almost fell for it , but when she told me that she had obtained my email address from a recent inquiry I did online for grants and then turned around and asked for it again….I became suspicious and immediately went online to research. Fortunately, I had given her no further information or access to my account. When I returned to the line I told her what I had discovered and told her that it is a SHAME how people are under such financial strain, that she and her bogus company would STEAL from people. I asked her if she has
    a family which she declined to answer, but I told her that PREDATORS just like she works for are everywhere, imagine one of your family members who is struggling to pay bills being taken advantage of ..just like you tried to take advantage of me…Of course she discontinued the call. EVERYONE PLEASE CHECK BEFORE YOU GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION TO YOUR ACCOUNTS.

  6. please help, i have a problem with a laywer, he took our money and not doing anything for us and his company is on his lies , it’s the law office of wallace rudolph the address is 931 ste,202 s semoran blvd. winter pk. florida 32792, i spooke with mervyn cordner one of the laywers there, it was 2/19/09
    until now, nothing, now they are rude to us today when i ask for answer they ask me to lave
    please help me get my money back
    thank you

  7. Thank you for this information. I saw this job on Monster.com, thought it MIGHT be for real but thought I’d double check on Google to see if there was any information about the company. I was already scammed by a company with a similar offer; fortunately my bank caught this before I made the mistake of sending the funds via Western Union.

  8. Comment:
    I had been holding out trying to find something on the Internet to know if this was legitimate or not, and finally came across the article today. I’m glad I did not give them any of my bank account info. When you have been laid off for 7 months and are looking for work, to have people such as these come along, makes you angry and discouraged when all you want is an honest job. Thanks.

  9. Just received the same letter.

    We checked into it before acting on anything and because of your thorough information provided we were able to run the check and the letter through the shredder immediately.

    Thank you!

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