scamFRAUDalert was founded on the premise that the internet should be free of deceptive business practices and crimes. We strongly believe this and have invested tremendous amount of time in trying to make the internet  more hospitable and a safe place for you.

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  1. scamfraudalert says:

    In our opinion, the cost of prescription drugs in the US is insane. Drugs makers need to be more realistic and understanding. However, we do not believe setting up a website that purport to sell cheap drugs is SAFE. We encourage everyone to exercise “CARE & CAUTION” when dealing with these sites.
    What we’ve seen is a lot of “FAKE” or “BOGUS” sites selling prescription drugs. This is someone “health” or yours. Life is unfair ALL.

    • Rich Wood says:

      It is everyone’s responsibility to verify unknown online vendors by using extra patience to use due diligence to confirm who you are dealing with for any product or service.
      The internet has made the scammers and fraudsters more transparent due to the fact that we can now communicate very quickly with anyone in the world.This allows us to verify information and investigate any business in the world.The Canadian communication guru,Marshal McLuhan said “the world is now a global village”.
      Make that extra effort to check online scammers by using Whois and other organizations like this one to first find out if the online business is legitimate. If you have any doubts, do not make that purchase until you have verification or an endorsement from someone who really knows that online vendor. It make take you 15 minutes to 1 hour of checking to make sure that you are dealing with a n online vendor with a good track record.
      I was the marketing consultant at one of the first four pharmacies in Canada that contributed to the start up of this pharmacy and set up a relationship with the Governor of Vermont in 1999 -2000 to allow Vermont seniors to access safe legal affordable and safe prescription drugs from Canada.
      After contemplating my retirement in Canada, I have decided to become active again to identify those groups of American seniors who need more affordable medicine.Then I will source affordable medicine for these groups from legitimate, safe and fully compliant Canadian online pharmacies. The original pharmacy that I help start up online remains fully compliant with laws in the United States and Canada.
      I would like to work with you to contribute my part as an online pharmacy “watchdog” to report those unscrupulous operators in Canada that do not comply with international regulations to protect the most vulnerable consumer, our senior citizens.
      Let us not be blindsided by politicians and big business who have a vested interest in the status quot while millions of our senior citizens cannot afford the medicine they need.
      If I can be of assistance to you or your organization,just contact me by e-mail or telephone.
      My profile is on LinkedIn for your review:
      Your detailed reply will be appreciated.
      Best regards,
      Rich Wood
      Richard (RICH) Wood
      Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

      • Scrub says:

        Provide us with the names of these pharmacies you helped started…. Send us an email of pharmacies you claim to be in compliance and adhere to good business practices….
        We love to work with you as long as we can substantiate who you are, what are your motives……..

  2. Scrub says:

    The one thing most people look for online is the opportunity to

    1. Can you make money online?

    2. Answer: Absolutely yes. So did Apple Computer, Google, Yahoo, Mircosoft, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Sun, Intel, and the list goes on.

    3. Can you turn your hobby into a business?
    4. Answer: Absolutely Yes.

    5. How SAVE is the INTERNET?
    6. Answer: Much saver than it was three years ago.

    7. How can you tell if the person you are dealing with online can be TRUSTED?
    8. Answer: This is the CHALLENGE for the internet going FORWARD. The absence of “TRUST” online is the one and only thing that is causing much headaches and have been chaotic for us all. This is the “achilles heel” of the internet.

    9. What can we do?
    10. Answer: A lot as the global community. We as the global community out number the “Bad Guys.” We MUST single out those business practices that are detrimental to us all. The cost for doing nothing is priceless.

    What Are Your Thoughts

    • ray weinberg says:

      What is sad is No One seems to want to tell the consumer about one or more reputable companies that you can trust: no one tells us who to notify in the Canadian government to file a complaint with or get our money back and or prosecute. The Canadian government has been ours friends for years, yet we cannot reach an office that cares or wants to stop bad companies up there. I guess, like America, they are sleeping with the bad guys like so many in our government. The greed fctor is everywhere. If we stoped buying their trees, oil, etc, that might get their attention.

  3. Scrub says:

    Four years ago when scamFRAUDalert started out posting on Scam.com about money mules and online scams, no one else were committed to such cause. Most people were afraid or intimated just plain SCARE that they would be HARM. The mighty well financed and well organized scam groups seem to have changed course and now attacking scam fighting watch groups such as scamFRAUDalert.com, Scam.com , Ripoffreport.com and castlecop.com. These guys partly control or have ties to those who CONTROL THE INFRASTRUCTURE that RUNS the internet.
    ScamFraudAlert.com started out with one basis premise and that premise is our driving FORCE. We intend to PUT a FACE on those who sit behind computers with the SOLE INTENTION TO COMMIT CRIMES.


  4. Scrub says:

    The Demise of the Russian Business Network (RNB)
    To say the Mighty Russian Business Network (RNB) no longer exists would be like saying the end of SCAMS as we know it. Very unlikely.
    However, it is fair to say that the RNB have be crippled or their activities have been severity hampered since the study published by Hostexploits.com, Brian Kerbs of the Washington Posts and actions taken by Hurricane Electric and McColo Corporation.
    We believe they now operate in the Uderground Shadowy World. The threat of cybercrime still lingers as the malware business is on the boom. The internet is still not a SAFE PLACE.
    Shadowy Russian Firm Seen as Conduit for Cybercrime


  5. MICHAEL says:


  6. Shawn says:

    Although I 100% support these type of sites. I ask people to remember “The Golden Rule.”
    No not what you are thinking….
    “He who has the gold makes the rule.”
    That is the simple fact of life in the corporate world. But, hey don’t take my word for it. You only see it on a daily basis in Corporate America.
    Companies get to big, to powerful financially to the point they can not be controlled if left unchecked.
    And I’ll never understand why people are so much against government regulating Corporations.
    AT&T is a prime example of this, as well as Microsoft. I suspect Comcast will soon be breaching that barrier soon enough.
    Auto manufacturers is another, as well as Unions. Yes I said it, “UNIONS” need to be regulated of all types.
    Take it or leave it, or a Quarter will get ya the AT&T operator.

  7. Scrub says:

    When one do a search, one expects an unbiased result ………… well sort of that’s what we would come to expect. Of the many search engines out there, Google search appears to be the SUPREME LEADER. They are in a league of their own.
    Yahoo for its part, have a long way to go to get to where google is. WE BELIEVE yahoo search RESULTS ARE BIAS, FILTERED, COMPROMISED, CONTAMINATED, AND NEEDS IMPROVEMENT OR OVERSIGHT.

  8. r s says:

    Thanks to your committment to track these folks down and keep the internet public informed about who they are and as much info as you can about them. Thanks for the categorized links to get help when exploited by one of these people or groups. I have already put word out with various ones that I believe I have been or am about to be scammed since I sent money for a loan over wire. I wish this posting about East Rock Lending would have caught my eye first. Now that the money has been wired I will see if I get the refund I am requesting as is in the signed contract but suspect not and if not I will use the proper link to authorities to report and hopefully they will go after and locate and prosecute and me and any others that may be scammed can get restitution.

  9. Scrub says:

    Ripoffreport.com vs Complaintboard.com

    Xcentric Ventures, LLC. d/b/a as Ripoffreport.com sues Complaintboard.com for copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and unfair business practices/unfair competition. They are seeking an injunctive relief.
    Well is it wise for ripoffreport.com to initiate such lawsuit? Is it warranted? The truth is that there is not a clear answer. There are pros and cons that could go either way.
    In Our Opinion Ripoffreport.com as ScamFraudAlert.com does offer an avenue for injustice. Such sites for the global community to voice their complaints, unfiltered and uncensored. That’s the beauty and therein lies the danger. Are these postings false accusations or factual complaints.
    Critics of ripoffreport.com suggest that their consumer advocacy program is a money making business for Ed Magedson its founder and owner. The program charges individuals or companies who would like to have posted reports remove. They have accised Mr. Magedson of being an “internet terrorist” and other unkind words. These same charges have been level against consumer advocate Les Henderson who runs Crime of Persuasion Blog, Esa Suurio, founder of Web of Trust – mywot.com and us ScamFraudAlert.com
    Complaintboard.com for its part burst onto the scene within the last two years and have soared in popularity. What we do know is that the operators of Complaintboard.com are professionals who develop web properties for the purpose of maximizing profit. Consumer advocacy does not appear to be their first priority.
    We also know that group is either based in Los Angeles, Canada, and India. They are also associated with the Canadian Pharmacy or other Online Pharmacy websites.
    These “Professional Consumer Advocay” websites represent a CLEAR and PRESENT danger. They are like WalMart coming to town.

  10. steve neese says:

    I was about to apply for this position as payment processing manager with Mitisan corp. I am glad i decided to investagate before applying to a bogus company.As I am unemployed at this time there offer sounded to good to be true. Like the old saying goes if it sounds to good to be true it is not true.How do you know when a company is Legitiment with a real job offer?
    Thank you for your website checking out these bogus companies

  11. Scrub says:

    In our Opinion
    This is a tough situation for loan modification companies. They need to get pay for their service but can not charge upfront. In fairness, they should come up with a payment options that benefits both the distressed borrower and the so called loan modification company.

  12. Scrub says:

    The Sale of People Person Data Amounts To HIGH TECH DATA SLAVERY:
    This is just NOT a creditcards data problem but the WHOLESALE of people personal DATA online that is enabling and facilicating the SALE of STOLEN creditcards.
    The enablers are companies like Intelius – People Search | Background Check | Reverse Cell Phone Lookup – Intelius.com, Instant Check Mate – Instant Checkmate – The internet’s #1 source for Background Checks, USA People search – USA People Search – Find People Now!, 123 PEOPLE -www.123people.com, ClassMates – Classmates – Find your school, yearbooks and alumni online, PeoleSearching – People Searching A People Search Comparison Shopping Site | PeopleSearching.com, MyLife People Search – Find People with MyLife™, and PEOPLEFINDERS – People Search – Find Public Records at PeopleFinders to name a few.
    These sites or so called companies regularly advertise and sell individual personal information online. This may be legal but since when does someone personal information become a commodity for someone else to SELL. ARE WE BACK TO THE DAYS OF SLAVERY?
    This may be perfectly LEGAL, but no ONE has the RIGHT to SELL someone else’s PROPERTY….PERIOD. My personal information is MY PROPERTY even if is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.
    This our opinion….. Tell us what you think

  13. THEReporter says:

    Online Career Education and Higher Education Training

    We believe in education for it is a proven avenue for the less fortunate of society to uplift oneself into prosperity. We believe in talent, hard work, ingenuity, creativity, and capitalism.
    We believe the internet is a great tool and a global community. Keeping this community safe should be a goal of every member because it benefits us all.
    We frown on scams and deception. For these practices are an erosion of trust and destructive to commerce.

  14. SFA Reporter says:

    We would like to begin this report that the Better Business Bureau is consider a friend of scamFRAUDalert. We find some reports to be extremely useful in our research.
    However, like all public forum that advocate good business practices and advocate consumer rights, they are not immune from criticism. Likewise scamFRAUDalert.
    The constant criticisms of the Better Business Bureau is that businesses pay for favorable rating. Ripoffreport.com we would consider is not FRIEND of BBB had documented over 900 of these reports.
    The organization structure is that a National Office and regional or chapters run the Better Business Bureau. We believe this is excellent model since each local chapter can better serve their community.
    Our beef here is the abuse by the local chapter not adhering to the National Corporate Office by engaging in rating for FEES. This is the problem in our opinion.
    We strongly recommend to the Better Business Bureau maintain the highest ethical standard since BBB is the pillar that most rely on for fair, honest and unbiased reviews.

  15. SFA Reporter says:

    It is unfortunate that ED Magedson and his Attorney Maria Crimi Speth have chosen a public airing of our dispute.
    Let me make this CLEAR to those who will REJOICE in this dispute. Ripoffreport will continue to be a distance friend of scamFRAUDalert.
    We do not agree with ED’s method or his motives or whatever he’s thinking or trying to accomplish. All we seek from Ripoffreport.com is a mutual friendship so that we both benefits from our efforts.
    scamFRAUDalert have the uttermost respect for Ripoffreport.com in it’s consumer advocacy even though we do not agree with their policy of not exercising some editorial discretion regarding blantantly false reports.
    With this being said, Ripoffreport.com will continue to be a FRIEND of SFA.

    date:Wed. Oct 3, 2012
    Maria Crimi Speth, Esq.
    Jaburg & Wilk, P.C.
    3200 N. Central Ave., Suite 2000
    Phoenix, AZ 85012
    Ripoffreport.com a/k/a BadBusiness Bureau
    Xcentric Ventures, LLC
    P.O. Box 470
    Tempe, AZ 85280
    Dear Ms. Speth & Mr. Magedson:
    Scam FRAUD Alert is Service Trademark protected. We reserve the right to require any user to cease and desist the use of our trademark name “scamfraudalert” or “scam fraud alert” or “scam fraud” in any shape and form. Please cease and desist the use of “scamFRAUDalert” or “scam fraud alert ” or “scam and fraud” in any form in any publication on Ripoffreport.com and all other domains you may have in your possession across all platforms. Xcentric Venture, LLC is infringement on my trademark. Please refer to links below.
    As I have reached out to you, I plead with you both that we reach an amiable solution to our difference and work together. I am not one of your enemy ED.
    The word “scam fraud alert” is protected under US PATENT and TRADEMARK OFFICE. The use of the words “scamfraudalert” infringes on my trademark. http://trademarks.justia.com/851/27/scamfraudalert-85127480.html
    Registration Number: 4014120
    Thank you,
    (866) 398-1178

    You need to hire a lawyer. You do not understand the law and your claim of trademark infringement is frivolous. Every court that has ever considered the issue agrees that use of a trademark to describe the services of the trademark owner is legal and not an infringement. We are done with emails. I am drafting and filing a lawsuit for copyright infringement.
    Maria Crimi Speth, Esq.
    Jaburg & Wilk, P.C.
    3200 N. Central Ave., Suite 2000
    Phoenix, AZ 85012
    602-248-0522 (fax)

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