Our Deepest Regret – Ripoffreport.com

It is our deepest regret that ED Magedson founder and EDITOR of http://Ripoffreport.com Ripoff Report has decided to allow Ripoffreport.com to become a SANCTUARY for those who seek to destroy scamFRAUDalert by providing them a platform for them to publish FALSE information or whatever they want.
To our disbelief, these are the same group of individuals who are attempting to DESTROY Ripoffreport.com-See Youtube Video and with whom Ripoffreport.com have had judgments against. These individuals are OUR enemies ED.

We are referring to the owner(s)/operator(s) of the sites below:

  1. http://omegaenterprisesUSA.com
  2. http://Complaintsboard.com
  3. http://scaminformer.com aka http://scamexposure.com
  4. http://ripoffonline.com
  5. http://scambook.com
  6. http://eliteconsultingservices.com
  7. http://lawenforcementassociations.com
  8. http://ripoffonline.com
  9. http://scaminformer.com aka http://scamexposure.com
  10. http://jailarrest.com
  11. http://wikiwarnings.com
  12. http://warning-notice.com
  13. http://Predatorswatch.com
  14. http://Potentialpredators.com
  15. http://MikeKingUSA.com

We at scamFRAUDalert do NOT encourage, engage in or condor such behavior. We POLICE our sites with the highest level of integrity. This is our trademark and we pride our work on this.
We too are not perfect. Best of luck ED as we compete going forward.
ED Magedson SAYS

We are not lawyers.
We are not a collection agency.
We are Consumer Advocates.
…the victims’ advocate
WE are Civil and Human Rights Activists
We are a Nationwide Consumer Reporting News Agency
…by consumers, for consumers
Ripoff Report
PO Box 310,
Tempe, Arizona, 85280
Don’t let them get away with it!
Make sure they make the Ripoff Report!

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