Chronology of Alec Defrawy aka Alec Difrawi Scams & Lawsuits

Update: FTC Injunction Against Alec Difrawi

Ayman A. El-Difrawi aka Alec Defrawy aka Alec Difrawy aka Alec Difrawi aka Alex Simon scams continue to evolve and changed. This dates back to the ’90′s when he pleaded guilty to be the brains behind the Small Business Loan Association and Small Business Association where he defrauded consumers and  this does not includes his most recent  incarnation such as Expand, Inc. Softrock, inc., Gigats.comThree Stars media, OMG Talents,,, Media Logic,, Career Network, Employer Network, Power Applications, BuzzGrub, Monkeyjar, to name a few.

  A Looming Threat
To The Global Internet Infrastructure 
Talent Search Agency, Modeling Agency, Franchise Sales, Higher Education Sales, and God Knows what other services he provides that does not include deception, misrepresentation or just outright destruction of competitors or any thing that stand in his way based on his prior business practices.

A sense of gratification from being the Al Capone of Today’s Internet.

Abbreviated Timeline of Alec Difrawi – Alex Defrawi – Alec Defrawy Scams

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1701 Park Center Dr #100
Orlando, FL 32835

Apr 6, 2008

Ayman Ahmed El-Difrawi creator of emodel, Toospoiled, Monkeyjar and now OMG TALENT or

Personally I think the Congress candidate stuff is a prank.
Copy from

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ayman Ahmed El-Difrawi
(also known as Michael El-Difrawi, Alec Difrawi, Alec Defrawy, Alec Defrawi, Alex Defrawy, Michael Defrawy, David Mellon, Michael Jenson, Michael Chandler and allegedly Alex Simon) is a controversial Orlando area businessperson and possible candidate for United States Congress
with associatons with various modeling companies (some of which themselves have been controversial. He is a founder of Industry Magazine, a franchised consumer fashion magazine, as well as a consulting firm. He currently operates under a wide variety of business names, many of which have been compared to phishing
operations. His criminal conviction for fraud is often noted, although the ongoing relevance of this conviction is disputed by El-Difrawi himself, and he denies any wrongdoing in his current business operations.


El Difrawi was born February 22, 1964 to Ahmed El-Difrawi and Rafiah Kashmiri, two Egyptian immigrants who now live in Groveland, Florida).

Ayman El-Difrawi was convicted of fraud in conjunction with his activities with Shearson, and partner Ralph Edward Bell received a permanent injunction from the FTC from his activities with the Erickson Agency.

Criminal History

In 1990, El-Difrawi (under the name Michael Defrawy) was arrested with associates Patrick Read, Thomas Bradshaw, and David Elliot for a felony – unlawful interception of an oral communication. The charges arose from illegally taped phone calls In 1991 El-Difrawi was arrested on charges of felony child abuse and aggravated child abuse. In 1993, he pled Nolo contendere  to a lesser charge of first degree misdemeanor child abuse. He was placed on 365 days probation, ordered to pay cost of supervision, and placed under other unnamed court restrictions.

In 1995, El-Difrawi pleaded guilty to a criminal charge of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud arising from an offense committed in 1991.

In 1996, El-Difrawi received s five years sentence in federal prison for which served four years and was ordered to pay more than $2.3 million in restitution to the victims of a scam he created through companies known as the Small Business Loan Association and Shearson Management Group. El-Difrawi was released from prison on August 27, 1999.

In 2006, El-Difrawi was arrested for misdemeanor assault in relation to a domestic violence incident, ordered out of his residence, and to have no contact with the victim.

Also in 2006, while testifying under oath for a lawsuit that Wilhelmina brought against Lou Pearlman, El-Difrawi stated that he was barred from doing business in the state of Illinois.

Modeling Business

El-Difrawi states that he started his modeling business as Studio 58 Models in 1999 with his mother and Dr. Saddek. The company went through various name changes, mergers, buyouts and acquisitions including eModel, Options Talent, Trans Continental Talent (TCT), Wilhelmina Scouting Network and Fashion Rock. He reports that, at one time, the
modeling business had over 150,000 clients.According to the Orlando Better Business Bureau,
eModel also traded as ModelsOnly, ModelsOnlyCosmetics, Options of Orlando,, WHY Models, Why Scouts, and

As Early as 2001, media outlets began to call eModel and its other incarnations a scam.Well-known modeling agencies such as Ford Models and Elite Models
denied ever working with El-Difrawi’s modeling companies, and asked to have their names removed from the company web-site. A representative of Ford said that the modeling business was not reputable and lied about having a relationship with Ford.

El-Difrawi became associated with Lou Pearlman through the latter’s purchase of Option’s Talent Group.
Some details of El-Difrawi’s criminal record together with details of a business relationship between El-Difrawi, his mother and her husband were disclosed in an SEC filing relating to Trans Continental Entertainment Group Inc. Today he now operate OMG Talent on

In 2003, the New York State Consumer Protection Board released a statement saying that the Wilhelmina Scouting Network was the largest example they had ever found of a “photo mill” scam. Speaking about Wilhelmina and other modeling scams, New York State Senator Charles, Fuschillo Jr. said, “By targeting the young, hopeful and innocent of our state, these ’agencies’ try to make a quick, dishonest dollar and that is unacceptable.”

International news outlets Newsweek and Dateline NBC
both ran stories claiming that WSN (as the modeling business was then known) was using deceptive sales practices. Newsweek also noted that job board Monster pulled all of WSNs 1200 ads for scouts until the company, “changes its business practices.” Newsweek also mention the criminal records of Dave Elliott, Alec DeFrawy (El-Difrawi) and Cortes Randall.

The Executive Director of the New York State Consumer Protection Board called the business a “modeling hoax.” Despite receiving approximately 2,000 consumer complaints, a 2-year investigation by the Florida Attorney General’s Economic Crimes Unit into Wilhelmina Scouting Network, Options Talent Inc., eModels Inc. and Trans Continental Talent was discontinued in 2004 because the probe was unable to find “any
substantial violations” and because the company had been bankrupted leaving no deep pockets to pursue. Before its bankruptcy, the company was under investigation in Florida, New York, and Massachusetts.

Some time in 2003, El-Difrawi and Ralph Edward Bell led a walk-out of the talent business with several other key players. El-Difrawi and Bell went on to found EYEMODEL. Soon after, several of the Wilhelmina’s customers noticed unauthorized charges on their credit cards which went to EYEMODEL. A consumer alert was issued that stated that someone at EYEMODEL who had walked out of Wilhelmina had stolen customer’s credit card information.

In 2004, Wilhelmina, who had licensed their name to Trans Continental Talent, sued Pearlman and the company for $24 million alleging nonpayment of fees and questionable business practices. Wilhelmina claimed, as part of the suit, that Trans Continental recruiters used high-pressure tactics to get clients to pay huge sums of money to have their photos placed on the company’s web site. A Denver CBS affiliate
conducted an investigation and found the agency scouts were trained to say anything to get average looking people to pay nearly $1000 to sign on. Despite comments to the contrary from the Orlando office, the Denver office promised would-be models they would get jobs. The investigation uncovered several talent scouts who had quit reportedly because they didn’t want to scam people.

While Pearlman and El-Difrawi originally downplayed El-Difrawi’s role in the company, Pearlman eventually characterized El-Difrawi as a principal saying, “He was the one that really developed the business.
He’s the one that put it together.”  both critics and employees said that El-Difrawi was at the heart of the modeling agency from the very beginning. The former director of the company’s Atlanta office said, “It’s Alec, He runs the whole thing.”  Alec’s own web site states (without naming the company directly) that he, “founded the largest modeling company in the world,” and “partnered with Wilhelmina to Launch the Wilhelmina Scouting Network.”

El-Difrawi, under the name Defrawey, is currently being sued in Massachusetts
by former Options Talent / TCT / Wilhelmina franchisee Edriss Farazi.
The suit which also names Terri Bears-Nix, and franchise attorney Andrew Caffey is for inter alia fraud and is current ongoing.

Industry Magazine

Franchised publication “Industry Magazine” was originally founded as Karma Magazine by El-Difrawy, Armand Kulpa (Trans Continental Talent’s VP of Sales and Marketing), and Ralph Edward Bell. In September of 2002, Lou Pearlman purchased a major share of the magazine (then Karma) which he then renamed ’Industry Magazine’ and turned into a franchised celebrity magazine while using it as an in-house promotional piece for
Transcontinental Talent.

Past and Current Activities

El-Difrawi currently (2007) is a principal of Internet Solutions Corp. Internet Solutions Corp was registered as a company in Florida on 11 January 2007, by its CPVS Alex Finch,
an Orlando lawyer who has represented El-Difrawi at least twice, and who has several businesses listed at the same addresses of Internet Solutions Corp.

The BBB lists the following businesses at the Exact Orlando Address and Suite number as Internet Solutions Corporation: International E Beauty Inc, Power Applications Inc., Career Specialists Inc., Rhino Exteriors LLC, Timeshare Brokerage of Florida Inc, McKinley Financial Services Inc, American Employment Network Inc., Key Mortgage Lending Services Corporation, Hirebug Inc, DBL Financial Service Corp, Desks and
More LLC.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times a spokesman of World Voice News
stated that his company is part of the same company as Instant Human Resources. One of Instant Human Resources’ satelite websites, “Facts About Instant Human Resources” was registered by Alex Simon on the address of Mrs Rafiah Kashmiri, the mother of El-Difrawi. Some other sites,  and  were
registered using the same address, by respectively Alec Difrawi aka Ayman A. Defrawy aka Alex Simon aka Ayman A. El-Difrawi aka Defrawy Consulting Group with a contact listed as Alex Defrawy is listed at the same address.

The following similar promotional sites state that they are owned by Internet Solutions Corp., Three Stars Media, The Internet Company, Softrock, Inc., Expand Incorporated,

Other sites, “facts about” registered but currently not active:

The BBB of Central Florida lists Alec Difrawi and Alex Finch as the contacts for Internet Solutions Corporation, also operating under the names Consumer Business Bureau, Instant Human Resources, Internet Solutions Corporation, Titan Website,, USA Voice, and VeriResume. Also according to the BBB, El-Difrawi’s offices suite at Kirkman Road in Orlando host the following businesses: Career
Specialists, Inc. American Employment Network, Inc. aka American Employment Network Inc. Arizona Placements, Atlanta Work Force, Carolina Job Specialists, Denver Employment Solutions, Employment Specialists, Massachussetts Job Source, Richmond Temps, San Diego HR Solutions, Seattle’s Best Placement, Windy City Careers. The BBB lists the nameAlex Siman as contact for, World Voice, and World Voice
report which all have the same PO Box as Internet Solutions Corp and have an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau.

Reported Phishing Activity

After a 6 month investigation, WFTV (Florida) reporter Todd Ulrich reported that El-Difrawi and Ralph Edward Bell were running fake job sites (Instant Human Resources, and Internet Solutions Corp being two) allegedly misleading people to apply for jobs that didn’t exist. Three Workers told WFTV that they solicited very private information in fake interviews which was then sold to companies for spamming purposes.

El-Difrawi, though attorneys, claimed that these were merely disgruntled ex-employees out to hurt the company. A spokesperson from the BBB said that people across the country had been scammed. Intenet Solutions Corp has been tagged by McAfee Site Advisor reviewer as a site that engages in phishing.

BBB DC notes about Instant Human Resources: This Business Operates under the Names, Instant Human Resources, Internet Solutions Corp., National Human Resources, World Careers (Worldcareersite), Career Network, Three Stars Media, Internet-Company of Florida, MoneyJar,, JobNab, etc. etc. etc . In a different report about USAVoice it also notes:

Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to unanswered complaint(s).

The Bureau has received multiple inquiries from the public and is
contacting the firm about complaint correspondence as well. Consumers
report being asked for personal information, including Social Security
numbers, in order to set up an employment link with the firm. Further
contact was not provided, however, and consumers report concerns that
their information may be sold and mis-used.

According to the Washington Post, privacy experts have said that USAVoice (Instant Human Resources) is an extremely successful phishing scam. The Washington Metro BBB has logged over 8000 inquiries into the company and the chief executive of the BBB said that the company appeared to be, “a scheme to amass and sell personal contact information.” Monster, and Careerbuilder reported removing all ads from USAVoice and Internet Solutions by February of 2007.Reportedly in 2006 Yahoo Hotjobs removed all job ads for USAVoice after an investigation.

Privacy expert Pam Dixon looked into USAVoice and said that she was surprised the site appeared to be up for over a year, when most phishing sites only lasted a week. The site uses a unique two-pronged approach by actually contacting people who give up their personal info (and are then flooded by spam).

In 2007, El-Difrawi started a business and website using his real name. The name Crimes-on-Persuasion appears to be a takeoff of the Crimes of Persuasion site and book which are critical of El-Difrawi. The site implements an employment scheme and copy to other El-Difrawi sites noted for phishing activity.

Run For Congress

Several web sites have been developed ostensibly to gather support for a run by El-DIfrawi for either Senate or the US House of Representatives. El-Difrawi is apparently running on a platform of Internet Reform


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Nov 24, 2006

TooSpoiled a SCAM?

Yes, to my opinion it is.  Just read Surroca,and this description of  TooSpoiled used to be on When you apply to become an employee you are asked if you would like additional education. By agreeing to get additional education you earn money for the site. You also get on a call list for online universities who will hound you.
Here is one funny thing. There are many positions advertised on the site, but there are only 3 actual positions. No matter what position you are offered initially you will eventually be offered a Scout, Scout Manager, or Casting Manager position. If you want to test this create a fake email and apply for any other position.
Sure enough that email will be sent an offer to be one of the 3 aforementioned positions while the one you wanted is being considered. So now you have gone from a Site Admin to a Scout.
You do the training call (sales pitch) and are sent out to find Models, Actors, and Musicians. In addition to many other things you are also told to BUY BUSINESS CARDS scouting without business cards is impossible after all.
This is yet another way the site earns revenue. Each person you send to the site is also asked if they wish to have additional education thereby earning more money for the site. You would think this site makes money on bookings, but it really doesn’t. It makes the most on Education Leads followed by Business Cards.One thing that is important to note is TooSpoiled produces no product and has no inventory. The business cards are through a 3rd party distributer. So here we have  positions in this company:

  • Casting Managers:  Basically they steal from Craigslist and more reputable online modeling companies to find bookings. They have no insider contacts that any idiot couldn’t find.
    These are highly untrained people who sat in on one conference call and
    were told “ok go.”
  • Education & Verification Representative: Telemarketer Ideal candidates for this position must have a high school diploma with some college or a college degree preferred. However, entry-level candidates are also welcome to submit your resumes, as training will be provided upon being offered and accepting the position. To qualify for consideration, you must have proven verbal and written communication skills, be very organized and showcase a sincere interest in helping
  • Scouts: The frontline employees who go out and drive traffic to the site.
  • Scout Managers: Identical to Scouts, but with a carrot in front of them. For a Scout Manager they are given a goal and a promise. “Scout 50-100 people to the site and we will assign you a team of scouts with an easily obtainable salary of 100K/yr plus.” So these are basically people who burn themselves out driving people to the site for a reward which comes in every way (minus the money).

Since we are on the subject of money these positions are setup to burn people out and make it so mathematically there is this carrot that is theoretically obtainable however practically unobtainable (ie Hundred of Thousands of people have been exposed to Impact and TooSpoiled with none having succeeded in obtaining a salaried position after their trial period).

TooSpoiled now OMG Talent
will NOT steal your identity or ruin you credit. They will NOT directly harm you. They also will NOT make good on any promise related to how much money you can make working for them. I hope this puts some issues to light for some people.


The scams practices of  Mr. Difrawi over years can be seen through his business practices  which are listed below:

  • He and his companies profess to have legitimate work for  young talents or job seekers when that is not the case (it is all second hand not directed towards toospoiled talent or emodel, or the million dollar project now OMG TALENT aka
  • They profess to have industry professionals who regularly view the site to “discover” talent (also not true)
  • They advertise salaries which are not obtainable realistically.
  • They advertises thousands of jobs in majors US cities for career education recruitment purposes
  • They highjack the urls of  job postings for legitimate companies such as Volt Workforce Solutions, Appleone Employment,  and urls of job postings for Warehouse worker, Medical Assistants, Skilled Labor Worker, and many other re-directing the prospective job seeker to their sites.
  • They filed bogus lawsuits intimidating bloggers who published information regarding his business practices.

In reality the site really walks the line of legality and on a strictly moral ground it is completely abhorrent. Huge promises to get you in the door and moving through their site with no follow through and premade excuses to feed you. When you leave it doesn’t matter they mail to anyone who puts resumes on Craigslist, Careerbuilder, HotJobs, or

 deVries (site gone)

This deceptive Defrawy “business model” comes down to:

1 – cheating hopefull job-hunters into acting as very cheap or even free labour2 – making them ignorantly spam and scam masses of hopefull consumers,
to sell “opportunities” with less chances than entering a lottery.4 – having them recruit new marketeers and recruiters 5 – have the system running fully automated and self-supporting.

Lead generation for the Impact 210 / TooSpoiled SPAM databases started early 2005, using an ever changing line of fictious company sites. Currently running: Instant Human Resources, USA Voice, Ask America, Good Grade Zone, Kasamba Careers

Comment 5 (Posted by deb parks) |

In one way I find it odd that MySpace would have a problem with you promoting your book on “their site”” HOWEVER, many other services, web sites and SCAMS are saturating the pages. One in particular… Impactww now known as Too Spoiled…claim to recruit talent in the fields of modeling, acting and musicians. I naively scouted for them from April 2006 until August 2006 and Still Have Not Received my pay. I’ve found over 30 of their scouts (so far) that also have not received their pay. Something hoaky in MySpace World ? (is down)

The Impact Worldwide/Toospoiled event Impact Worldwide Talent Showcase renamed to Talent Palooza ’06 first was rescheduled three times and then finally was canceled completely. They have this message on (November 25)

The Impact Worldwide / Talent Palooza 06 event has been canceled. To find out information on how to obtain a refund please contact

Update april 6, 2008 , ,, and most other connected sites are down, gone after a short life.
Toospoiled seems to slowly goin down too, they stopped spamming for it half a year ago. Their spam database will be huge after the four years they been working on it. Meaning, they can send a lot of better targeted spam for a wide variety of “opportunities” now, while staying under the radar. Hundreds of very simple new sites are waiting for your personal data. See my next post for more.

30th of Apr, 2009 by 
Three Stars Media represents themselves, both on their website and via job boards Careerbuilder, etc) as a Marketing and Media company. They post jobs that do not exist such as “personal shopper, ” “advertising coordinator, ” “copywriter” only to lure people into an interview.After sitting through an hour long interview you learn that you will be contacting people via phone all day to sell them into furthering their education at an online school AND collecting information to sell off to other companies. This company is a huge scam and yet it has postings popping up all over national job boards, deceiving people into thinking they can be hired as an administrative assistant or an editor.

Three Stars Media must be stopped from endangering the public and misleading
job seekers. Local Orlando news channels have done stories on the pyramid scheme of this company.I am telling you honestly, from sitting through an “interview” at this “company” that things are not as they seem or as they are posted. These posted positions do not exist. gives people an opportunity to make money by maintaining a homepage with them. Members earn cash from ads that are posted on your homepage. Most of us have a MySpace or FaceBook page that you update regularly, why not make some money.
You can choose ads from companies they partner with to put on your page.
They have a long list so you are sure to find some company that you will want to advertise for. This is not a new concept, banner ads, sponsored results, pop-ups, etc…that earn per click have been making webmasters and website owners money for a while. is cutting you in on the action, letting you become an affiliate marketer by placing ads on you homepage. Of course, your potential earnings depends on two things, the traffic to your homepage and ad revenue. Getting people to revisit your homepage will increase your earning potential.
If you are an online social butterfly with many contacts already, you could earn a good income with the way you can pick your own ads, advertisers indicate upfront how much they are willing to pay per-click. High-ticket items and very competitive industries tend to pay more, so you can decide to only have
high paying ads on your home page. However, remember to choose ones that your page’s visitors will want to click on.In the beginning, you should not expect to make more than a few dollars a day off your home page, the success of your page is dependant on your developing an extensive network of friends and updating the content on your page often.
 TooSpoiled member are eligible for auto insurance discounts (from AIG), discounts from stores such as Better Homes and Garden, Books-A-Million, and TiVo along with some other offers. At, you can do more than just keep up homepage. They are mainly a network of models, actors, talent scouts, and industry professionals. A place to get global exposure for those seeking work as a model or actor.
There is a charge for this service, however you only  get charged for booking request you accept, and it is only $3.95 per booking (unlimited bookings 19.99 per month), everything else is free.
The concept is you make you homepage with your headshots and resume. Than casting directors, agencies, producers, etc. have access to your portfolio. Now don’t be expecting Steven speiglburgh to call you from this but it could help get you some work or let you find out if even want to do this kind of work.
They have testimonials and success stories from others that have used toospoiled to get work, but I never believe testimonials. f modeling or acting is not your thing than you might want to try begin a Scout Manager. As a scout manger you will oversee a team of twenty to thirty Talent Scouts ( you can also be a Talent Scout), you will be responsible for running meeting, training, and support your team of Scouts. TooSpoiled offers full training for this position, good pay, and benefits.Another opportunity for you is Casting Manager, in this position you will be in contact with producers, talent scouts, etc. that are seeking talent to full slots. You should be able to work with little supervision and be a self-starter to be successful in this position. Again, for those that qualify, you will be an employee of TooSpoiled; this job comes with medical benefits, bonuses, tuition reimbursement, and possible advancements within the company. You can even ask about open positions in accounting and technical services and stuff like that; from time to time they are available.Note: ads on toospoiled page are from; if you want to use your own ads you must go to commissionjunction’s website and sign up for an account with them, than apply to the affiliate program and affiliate programs affiliated with Get link codes from and enter in appropriate boxes on As all ways, do your own research before apply to any ‘job’ online.

This email was sent to me regarding my resume on I’m guessing Careerbuilder. It looks exactly like all the normal spam emails and when you go to the link it asks you for your cell number along with your carrier which is the useless information I have seen way too many people get jipped by with these marketing companies. They try to be smart however and use the prominent William Morris Agency’s name to try and look legit I suppose. I did not fill their form out and tried to get an email address for the William Morris Agency to try and warn them so they could tend to it however it is nowhere on their site. I’m copying and pasting the email so you can see this for yourself.


Dear Elizabeth,

I recently reviewed your resume online and I think you are a great candidate for one of our clients, the William Morris Agency, who is looking to hire an assistant to a talent agent. I would like to invite you to apply.

William Morris has endless opportunities for assistants with an interest in talent. Previous talent agency experience is a plus and a bachelors degree is preferred. Experience in administrative responsibilities is necessary to handle the heavy phone traffic and high volume of workflow in the office including email, and a heavy meeting schedule.

The right candidate will be offered a generous compensation, which includes overtime and full benefits.
Joining the team at William Morris Agency (WMA), you will have the opportunity to be part of the largest and most diversified talent and literary agency in the world, with over 20 locations worldwide.

If you’d like to pursue this position, please click on the link below, which will lead you to an online application to fill out. If the link doesn’t work, you can copy and paste the link into your browser. Once I receive you application, I will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to discuss this opportunity further.


Greg McMahon


somewhere, New Jersey


If you want to get to the bottom of this, the contact info you need to know about Career Network (which is actually Three Stars Inc. out of Orlando, FL) Here you go:
Kelly Weems now Kelly Weems Romero
Operations/Job Boards Manager
Phone: (407)803-4777 and that’s a direct line to her
Keith Kress (the lawyer for Three Stars Inc) (407)803-4621 and that’s also a direct line to him.

I spoke with both, and they are an AFFILIATE TELEMARKETING SCAM! Wikipedia that word.

They don’t consider them a scam but a “national staffing company”. They admit they produce “generic” job postings. But they also said that if they are posted in your area, that these jobs exist.

So I challenged that, and that’s where the scam has a huge red flag. They won’t tell me cause they are a “staffing company” and cannot give out their “clients”.

I googled a bunch of stuff but Orlando News stations have been uncovering this for a long time. One video on YouTube was of one of them. They were given 9 “clients” and one (the only they stated in the video) was the United States Army! Are you serious, a government needing a national staffing company to do the work, whatever!

I have also filed with the FTC, the Better Business of Orlando, and the Internet Crimes complaint of the FBI.

Anyone (like myself) that put in your personal information but yet was not given any local jobs that are REAL, should be worried. They told me that they are not a Phishing scam…but if they cannot produce REAL PROOF of the jobs, thats exactly what it is!

AS yourself something…How many REAL jobs are you seeing people getting thru them? I see a high percentage (if not all) of people going thru their “steps of a staffing company” but NOT GETTING A REAL JOB.

At least tell us something real, since we gave all our personal information to them and could be used against us! They wont, and thats where something needs to be done.

That’s fine if they want to be some national staffing company, but post something REAL like a local phone number in the area or a business name.
They cannot, but “assure” you they are real. Is that the same as the
saying “the check is in the mail?”

Good luck, and those numbers are real. Here is a link to the Better Business Bureau in Orlando on these punks! You have to type in other names if you want to know the whole understanding of these scums…

Also, those sites that make you “apply” for those jobs…try all these websites and tell me what they have in common.

Apple Staffing, Career Network, Skilled Job Seekers, Extend Your Careers, The Job Push, Medialogic, Your Jobs Today, Great Career Search, Great Jobs Plus, Light Speed Careers

You will notice they are ALL Three Stars Inc. if you go to the contacts page and so on. They all look the same, being generic like their jobs postings!

Good luck, and the way to take them down is in numbers! I would be all power to them being a business if they A}told me something real and specific about the job posting in my area about what company or location its at B} was accredited by the Better Business Bureau (which they are not, casue they are too chicken to do so C}


It took BBB and tons of research online to get the information and phone numbers I have now! All the websites most of you have seen does not give out numbers, just the whole “email us and we will get back to you” crap!

If they would have put that in there, then I would have NEVER given out my information and moved onto a job posting that is real and local!

Besides, Im not a person that does the whole “staffing” type of jobs.
Power to you if you use them.

2nd of Dec, 2009 by/td>

I just got a text message from a 32075 number saying

Hi ( Name ) Call me about the computers, software Job you have applied for 1-888-955-5579. (text STOP to cancel)At first I thought it was weird on how they contacted me, but I was a bit edgy on the company never heard of it.I proceeded with calling them.Here is what I got when I called.Hello, and welcome to career track. if you recently applied for a job online please hold. someone will be with you shortly. The estimated time for waiting is less then 1 minute. Thank you. Here is where I hung up because most jobs I have applied for have a line for everything this one said “Career track” NOT Career Network. My teachers in High school used to always say get your life on track so you can have a good career.I thought this was weird ( For me Atleast)I looked up information on the site and came across this site saying the whole thing is a SCAM.I knew my Hunch was right it was too real to be true.



14 replies


    l. INSIDERSREFERRAL.COM, INC’s further provides a
    service to Florida consumers in that it promotes a job alert where the Florida consumer puts in a job search profile and is then prompted to enter his or her email address for job alerts .

  2. Career Network, Inc. et al v. WOT Services, Ltd. et al

    Plaintiff: Career Network, Inc., Three Stars Media, Inc., Three Stars, Inc., Internetcompany, Inc., Medialogic, Inc., Power Applications, Inc., Monkeyjar, Inc. and Buzzgrub, Inc.
    Defendant: WOT Services, Ltd., Against Institution, Inc., Vesa Perala, Sami Tolvahen, Timo Ala-Kleemola, David Stadler, Esa Suurio and John and Jane Does 1 through 100
    Case Number: 6:2010cv01826
    Filed: December 7, 2010
    Court: Florida Middle District Court
    Office: Orlando Office
    County: Orange
    Presiding Judge: Gregory A. Presnell
    Referring Judge: Karla R. Spaulding
    Nature of Suit: Assault, Libel, and Slander
    Cause of Action: 28:1332
    Jury Demanded By: None

    Plaintiff: Career Network, Inc.
    Represented By: Myra Nicholson

    Plaintiff: Three Stars Media, Inc.
    Represented By: Myra Nicholson
    Plaintiff: Three Stars, Inc.
    Represented By: Myra Nicholson
    Plaintiff: Internetcompany, Inc.
    Represented By: Myra Nicholson
    Plaintiff: Medialogic, Inc.
    Represented By: Myra Nicholson
    Plaintiff: Power Applications, Inc.
    Represented By: Myra Nicholson
    Plaintiff: Monkeyjar, Inc.
    Represented By: Myra Nicholson
    Plaintiff: Buzzgrub, Inc.
    Represented By: Myra Nicholson

    Defendant: WOT Services, Ltd.
    Represented By: Harvey W. Gurland, Jr.

  3. Update november 2010: new url
    rating changed from F to C-
    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F
    Name: Career Networks, Inc.
    Phone: (800) 516-1764
    Address: 6996 Plaza Grande Ave., Ste. 315, Orlando, FL 32835
    Business Category: Job Listing & Advisory Services
    BBB file opened: June 25, 2008
    Business started: February 2009
    Business started locally: February 2009
    Primary Contact: Ms. Kelly Romero (President)

    Other Contacts:
    Mr. Jason Badenoch (HR Manager)
    Mr. Ralph Bell (Mr.)
    Mr. Alec DeFrawy
    Ms, Jill Martin
    Alternate Business Names:
    Extend Your Careers
    Additional Locations and Phone Numbers
    1743 Park Center Drive, Orlando, FL 32835, Orange County
    (321) 249-1490
    (646) 520-0697

    Complaints concern consumers applying for jobs posted by the company or being contacted by the company based on their resume posted online. According to consumers, no job exists and the company asks consumers for information that is not relevant to hiring or a job search.
    The BBB has been unable to contact the company concerning complaint(s). We have not been able to determine a valid address and/or phone number for this company.
    Additional Information

    As of August 2009 the BBB is unable to contact this company by mail. All addresses provided by the company are undeliverable according to the Post Office. The BBB does send a first notice to Keith Kress at but complaints still go unanswered. As of January 2010, Mr. Kress has advised he is no longer associated with Career Networks. The BBB can no longer process complaints. All future complaints will be recorded against the company as unable to contact.

    72 complaints – 25 resolved – 47 unresolved (12 times Company did not respond, or The company could not be located or is out of business)
    Update november 2010: new url
    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F
    Name: Internet Solutions Corporation
    Phone: (321) 293-0685
    Address: 2295 S. Hiawassee Rd., Ste. 311, Orlando, FL 32835
    Business Category: Job Listing & Advisory Services
    BBB file opened: May 15, 2006
    Primary Contact: Keith Kress (General Counsel)
    Complaint Contact: Keith Kress (General Counsel)
    Other Contacts:
    Mr. Alec Defrawi
    Mr. Ayman A. El-Difrawi
    Alternate Business Names:
    Consumer Business Bureau
    Instant Human Resources
    Titan Website
    USA Voice
    Additional Locations and Phone Numbers
    PO Box 915096, Longwood, FL 32791, Seminole County
    5401 S. Kirkman Rd., Ste. 310, Orlando, FL 32819, Orange County
    According to information available, the company collects personal information through the use of online job sites. Alec DeFrawi is also known to the BBB from Studio 58 and Options Talent, which are no longer in operation.
    13 complaints – 11 resolved

    Update november 2010: new url
    rating changed from F to D
    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F
    Name: Instant Human Resources
    Phone: (301) 216-3814
    Address: One Research Court Suite 450, Rockville, MD 20850
    Business Category: Employment Agencies
    BBB file opened: January 20, 2006
    Alternate Business Names
    Internet Solutions Corp.
    National Human Resources
    World Careers (Worldcareersite)
    Additional Locations and Phone Number:
    the postal service w/no fwdg. address., PO Box 915096, Longwood, FL 32791
    (301) 216-3814
    (301) 216-3824

    The company provides internet based employment services, purportedly for telework positions.
    Additional Locations and Phone Numbers
    The BBB has been unable to contact the company concerning complaint(s). We have not been able to determine a valid address and/or phone number for this company.
    2 unanswered complaints
    BBB rating: F
    Significant reasons for this rating:
    Unanswered Complaints
    Business type is problematic
    700 South Flower Street, Suite 1100 #208
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
    Web Site: hxxp://
    Contact: Customer Service –
    Business Start Date: N/A
    Company ID: 100056527

    Nature of Business: The company’s busines sis providing talent agency services.
    Our complaint history for this company shows that the business has not responded to customer complaints brought to its attention by the Bureau.
    3 unanswered complaints
    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F
    Business Name:
    Impact 210 Worldwide
    Too Spoiled
    Business Address: 447 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10013
    Original Business Start Date: 4/1/2005
    Incorporated: 2005 in NJ
    Peter Luterek, President
    Michael Fomkin, President
    Phone Number: (212) 334-5325
    Fax Number: (212) 334-2002
    Email Address:

    Website Address:
    Additional Locations & Phone Numbers
    700 S Flower Street, Suite 1100 #208 Los Angeles , CA 90017

    According to complaints filed with the Bureau, Impact 210 Worldwide engages in aggressive marketing in order to recruit “talent scouts”. The company sends e-mails or makes calls to “eligible” job seekers stating that the job available has benefits and a salary of up to $78,000.

    Complaints report that the “job” is actually a commission sales position and many consumers do not get their paychecks. Consumers report that when they pay for talent services and services are not rendered they cannot get a refund. Reports also state that it is extremely difficult to contact the company.

    23 complaints – 13 No Response – 10 Unpursuable

  4. Internet Solutions Corporation aka Alec Difrawi vs. Tabatha Marshall

    Plaintiff: Internet Solutions Corporation
    Defendant: Tabatha Marshall
    Case Number: 6:2007cv01740
    Filed: November 1, 2007
    Court: Florida Middle District Court
    Office: Orlando Office
    County: Orange
    Presiding Judge: Anne C. Conway
    Referring Judge: Karla R. Spaulding
    Nature of Suit: Other Personal Injury
    Cause of Action: 28:1332
    Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff

    Internet Solutions Corporation v. Marshall
    Filed: November 1, 2007 as 6:2007cv01740
    Plaintiff: Internet Solutions Corporation
    Defendant: Tabatha Marshall
    Cause Of Action: Diversity-Libel, Assault, Slander
    Court: Eleventh Circuit › Florida › Florida Middle District Court
    Type: Torts – Injury › Other Personal Injury

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